Ultimate Car Battery Guide

Ultimate Car Battery Guide

Many car owners do not know how to take care of their battery. The following is a guide for those who want to keep the engine running smoothly and avoid future problems. It does not matter what type of vehicle you have, there are steps that should be taken when working on your battery. This blog post will show you what needs to be done in order for your vehicle’s battery life expectancy to increase significantly.

How to extract the most life out of your car battery?

An average battery lasts for about 2-5 years depending upon various factors.

  • One of the most important factors is the weather conditions. Thought the battery can work under high temperatures due to the engine’s heat, prolonged exposure to heat may affect the battery life.
  • On the other hand, the maintenance of the battery and how it is used might also add or subtract some years from it.

Here are some tips to increase the car battery life expectancy:

Car Battery Maintenance Tips

The battery should be checked regularly and if there is an issue, it must be fixed right away since this can trigger a serious problem. A dead battery may result in the engine not to start or too weak to start if it does start. A car owner will always experience problems with his/her car if the battery is not maintained.

Battery Storage Tips

While a car battery is in use, it can be recharged from time to time. Some car owners, especially those who are not knowledgeable about the matter, may leave their cars for months or even years without starting them up. The battery can be re-charged but this should be done carefully as putting it under a high voltage pressure is dangerous.

Avoid using electronics when the engine is off

So many car owners have the habit of listening to music and using their cell phones when the engine is off. This is not a good practice especially if you are charging your phone or other gadgets using the cigarette lighter that charges via battery power.

Prevent the oxidation of the terminals

The terminals get oxidized easily especially when the battery is not in use. This can be prevented by regularly cleaning and greasing them.

Make sure the two terminals of the battery are tightly fastened.

It is easy for the cable to get loose, especially when it is exposed to heat and corrosion. At times, car owners may struggle in connecting their clamps back if they are too tight so be careful with that. A secure terminal will transfer the charges better than a loose one. A loose connection can lead to less power delivery as well as may cause a short circuit.

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Car Battery Safety Tips You Should Know

Taking care of your car battery is not overly complicated when you know the basics. That being said, a car battery is powerful enough that is it dangerous to use if not treated with care. The next time you pop the hood, make sure you use these top three safety tips to keep you (and your battery) out of harm’s way.

How to: keep it clean and dry

Maintaining the cleanliness of your battery is paramount for ensuring its longevity as well as maintaining peak performance. That being said, cleaning the battery can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Before you get started, make sure you have:

– Baking soda and water
– Small brush ( if you don’t have a wire cleaning brush, an old toothbrush will work in a pinch)
– Towel
– Wrench
– Gloves and protective eyewear

To clean the battery, start by disconnecting the cables with the help of wrench from it. Mix a solution of 1 tablespoon of baking soda with 1 cup hot water to remove This will help remove any corrosion that has begun to build up on the battery.

Next, dip the brush into the solution to assist with scouring away the buildup. Use the towel to dry the battery off before reconnecting the cables. As you clean the battery, ensure that any dirt is also cleaned off. Dirt is a conductor and can increase the rate of self-discharge, shortening the life of the battery.

Pro-Tip: Applying petroleum jelly to the battery posts and the connector clamps help prevent corrosion.

How to: give it a jump

In order to avoid frying the electrical systems of both vehicles, always take care and make sure you know exactly what you’re doing when jump starting a car. Turn both the car and its power-sourcing capabilities off, then remove anything from either car that would retain a charge such as cell phone chargers.

  • Attach a red clip firmly to the positive terminal of the charged battery.
  • Attach the other red clip to the positive terminal of the battery needing to be charged.
  • Put the black clip to the negative terminal on a battery that needs charging.
  • Attach the other black clip to an unpainted metal surface on the car that is not in need of charging. DO NOT ATTACH IT TO THE NEGATIVE TERMINAL. To do so could cause an explosion.
  • Start the engine of your Charged car so it can run for a few minutes.
  • Attempt to start the car being charged.
  • If the car does not start, allow the other car to run for up to five minutes.
  • If the car still does not start after jump-starting or using a battery charger, the battery is likely dead and will need to be replaced.
  • If you were lucky enough to get the car started, don’t turn it off. The engine will need to run for 15 minutes at highway speed before the battery is fully recharged.
  • If the car will not start again after being jumped and getting a charge, then the battery is no longer working and needs to be replaced.

Pro-Tip: Before starting a car in cold temperatures, determine if the battery fluid is frozen. If so, unfreeze it before proceeding – a jump start with frozen fluids can cause problems like an exploding battery, among other issues.

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Closing thoughts

In conclusion, a battery is an essential component of any running vehicle. To ensure that your car’s battery continues to function at a high level for years to come, always take care of it properly. Starting with educating yourself on all the necessary precautions, and always following proper safety procedures (as outlined in this Ultimate Car Battery Guide). Contact us for car battery services in Edmonton.

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